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Some of our clients testimonials.

“I joined Zemtix and they developed my profile website. The website is user friendly and is packed with helpful information and resources. The team at Zemtix regularly send e-mails and alerts which helped me when to submit releases, ideas for papers and pitch stories. Above all, I now know how best my articles can be structured and written to maximize impact.”

Jenny Lawrence, Advantage Ads

“Zemtix is awesome. They have an up-to-date contact database, which helps us find the appropriate printing and online contacts for our clients. Zemtix graphic design services are  economical and have customer-service oriented people. I would not hesitate to recommend it.”

Roger Mills, Zend Advertising

“Starting up a business can be rough on the edges and nerve wracking. Thanks to Zemtix, it really took the hassle off my plate. Their staff took care of the campaigns and creative aspects leaving me with ample time to focus on other aspects of my business. Not to mention, extra time to relax and enjoy my personal life.”

James Curry, Silverlight Media

“My company was spiraling downwards and a friend of mine advised me to step up my game and invest on online campaigns. I was too hesitant at first but when I took a shot with Zemtix, my business progressed in a way I could not imagine. I love how my website turned out. I highly recommend Zemtix to fellow investors like me to cater your business needs in the online world.”

George Riggs, Handfrog Publishing

“Zemtix made my website’s UI awesome and customer-friendly. I keep getting positive feedbacks from my clients. Seeing this efficient result, I tried their other services and it’s making everything look good in general. Their amazing staff is a cherry on top!”

Jessica Redford, Aussie MediaTech

“Zemtix made a great brand identity enhancement on my products. My sales instantly went double and I get so many returning customers. Since then my website has been my main customer touchpoint. Zemtix is truly a wise investment.”

Lenny Litton, Dimensions Arts

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